Tachikawa Corporation is a leading provider of window covering products, centered around blinds and room partitions.
Since its inception in 1938, the company has been dedicated to developing products that earn the satisfaction and deep trust of the customer in creating a more comfortable living space for them.
Boasting more than forty years since their release, Silky interior blinds are the pioneer residential blinds in Japan.

Producing window coverings
for a broad range of locations

Our product line is not limited to residential items, we also develop products to meet the needs of offices and public facilities, and we strive to offer solutions dedicated to creating a comfortable environment by producing a broad range of window coverings.



Residential solutions

Coordinating rooms that produce light
What is a space where you can truly relax and genuinely experience amenity? We are always in pursuit of that essence from a variety of perspectives, including performance, materials, colors, and more.



Office solutions

Making increasingly sophisticated business spaces more comfortable.
We offer solutions for all kinds of comfortable spaces, incorporating blinds with superior operability and energy efficiency, to create an environment in which people who work in offices can devote all of their energy to their work.



Public facility solutions

In pursuit of the comfort that is suitable for public facilities
Tachikawa Corporation has a distinguished track record providing solutions for a broad range of public facilities, from architecture that symbolizes the city, to government office buildings, to hotels, schools, hospitals, sports facilities, and more.

Delivering the best items to live each to his own.
The various scenes of life are colored with great individuality

Tachikawa Corporation draws on a wealth of technology and expertise cultivated over seventy years in meeting all kinds of needs of window interior decoration with a broad range of items.

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In order to meet the needs of customers precisely, we manage various types of products consistently from development to construction.

We offer a wide variety of colors and operation procedures, which create a truly multiproduct line.
Nearly all of these are order made in 1 cm units to fit the width of the window, and the system is designed to have the product delivered to the customer within about two days after the order is placed(domestic only). In order to meet the needs of the customer and create a comfortable environment, we implement this system using a nationwide community-based network with a consistent cycle from development to sales, production, and construction. As a result, we are able to respond effectively to the voice of the market and to the ongoing needs of our customers.

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